Networking: Now is the time to NOT get out

If you’re like me and hate “networking” then here’s my sixty seconds on the support I’ve received from going out just a few times last year, and why now is the perfect time to start your own network — without the cringe.


Hi my name’s Rick, I’m an engineering manager or development manager from Melbourne Australia. I’m currently looking for my next gig because of the whole COVID-19 thing.

I thought I’d share one of the things that I’ve found in the past week.

I’m not a great networker and a lot of us aren’t. I find it difficult to get out to meetups. I’ve got a family who I much prefer to spend time with. But one of the things I’ve found is that in the past year because I’ve gotten out a bit more I’ve got a bit of a network. And in the past week I’ve had a lot of support come in from people that I’ve only met in the past year. It’s been absolutely wonderful to get that support.

If you’re not into getting out, now is the perfect time to “not get out”. Jump onto Meetup, find some events in your area that interest you, and get along to the virtual online meetups. Meet some new people, build your network, and you never know when you’re gonna need a network and they’ll be right there for you.

So big thanks to my network; to all the people that I’ve met in the past year who have been in contact in the past week since I’ve been made redundant. It’s been absolutely wonderful hearing from you. It’s been absolutely awesome getting your support.

I’m really looking forward to my next gig, and remember: if you’re looking for a people manager who believes it all starts with love and empathy or you’ve got a team that just needs a kickstart leave me a message.