Author: rickm

A purposeful first commit using Git Flow

My friend Jack wrote about the Purposeful First Commit, “A first commit helps define what the project intent is. Why are you committing this code? What do you aim to achieve?”

In this post we look at how to achieve a purposeful first commit when working with Git Flow

One-on-One Healthcheck

Team one-on-ones are a great way to feel your team’s pulse. Here’s a bunch of questions I like or have used over the years to measure the pulse.


There’s a growing trend in software management to create a “README” file. Like any readme it’s a quick way to understand something. In this case, it’s understanding me, and how we’ll work together.


Hello! My name is Rick

Why do I wear a name tag? Wearing a name tag invites conversation and introduces you to everyone. And it removes that awkward barrier when you can’t quite remember someone’s name.